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The SolSeed Movement, a science loving Wisdom Tradition, stands at the intersection of Gaian Thinking and advocacy for Life's expansion into space. Members are attracted to the idea of growing ecosystems in space and on other worlds. Such an effort would represent Life's next great leap, perhaps as significant as the advent of land-based plants and animals. Once established and self-sustaining, these new ecosystems would become equivalent to Gaia herself in important respects, so SolSeed members refer to them as Gaia's Children. They believe that helping Gaia thrive and reproduce are great ways to repay the ecological debt humans have incurred by destroying or damaging so many of Earth's ecosystems.

Three members of the SolSeed Movement, Brandon Sanders, Eric Saumur, and Ben Sibelman, are responsible for creating the Gaia.Wiki website and writing the initial content.

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